mandokid1: Northern Parula.
doranstacey: Kestrel (f)
Ishmaanay: Oriental Spotted Angle - Caprona agama agama
tony.cox27: FALLOW DEER
Omygodtom: Almost there..
Ann and Chris: Kingfisher
Wayne Nelson: Fractured Journey
Fay Stout: Best Friends
njohn209: Heron in a Twist
njohn209: Aligning the fish
No Rules Digital Images: Vertigo Moment_1550
John6536 (Away for awhile. Back in 2021): Reims- Chair in Jardin de la Patte-d'Oie-6
Phuketian.S: XOKA0873s
Wayne F.: Guns Sculpture, Prague
mandokid1: White-eyed Vireo.
Sloalan: 14 - VANCOUVER -15
Sloalan: 14 - VANCOUVER -14
Sloalan: 14 - VANCOUVER -10
Greg Vaughn: Nutka Rose
Steve (Hooky) Waddingham: Curlew At Dawn
suefoxnature (Suzanne S): Away for a while, Back Soon
jryoung1947: DSC_5395
jryoung1947: DSC_5401-2
jryoung1947: DSC_5404
sb365: Thistle and cereal crops
kevin dooley: School's out forever
Marie Brown Cottage Garden: Green Garden Spider
JEO126: Barn swallow
griecocathy: DSC_0956
J.L. Ramsaur Photography: Waikiki Beach - Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii