ricardocarmonafdez: I wouldn't mind being there :):)
ricardocarmonafdez: A medieval bridge
ricardocarmonafdez: The flight of the stork
ricardocarmonafdez: Steps towards a new day
ricardocarmonafdez: Walking to the sunset
ricardocarmonafdez: The Raven - El Cuervo
ricardocarmonafdez: Beautiful desolation
ricardocarmonafdez: GuGGenHeiM
ricardocarmonafdez: Colors on the horizon - Colores sobre el horizonte
ricardocarmonafdez: GuggenheiMiehnegguG
ricardocarmonafdez: Shore in blues with rolling stones (Explore 04sep2023)
ricardocarmonafdez: The seagull flight
ricardocarmonafdez: The value of water
ricardocarmonafdez: Shore in the blue hour
ricardocarmonafdez: Dawn breaks, which is no small thing! - Amanece, que no es poco!
ricardocarmonafdez: Serene solitude
ricardocarmonafdez: Color pallette
ricardocarmonafdez: Walking to the sunset from a drone view
ricardocarmonafdez: Dancing to the Moon - Bailando a la Luna
ricardocarmonafdez: Beautiful desolation - Bella desolación
ricardocarmonafdez: Hugging at sunset - Abrazando al atardecer
ricardocarmonafdez: The lake monster
ricardocarmonafdez: Better times - Mejores tiempos
ricardocarmonafdez: The wait - La espera
ricardocarmonafdez: Rock on the shore
ricardocarmonafdez: The wait - La espera