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Rolex Air King Replica Model can also be named as Warrior Watch initially this straightforward awesome watch was revealed like a pilot watch and it is simplicity beloved by its fans even just in nowadays. In 1930, the British Royal Air Force was regarded as heroes, plus they start wearing Rolex watches religiously in a number of missions. It was the actual dedication that assisted the founding father of Rolex, Hendes Wilsdorf to produce the initial manual Oyster watches, fit for sky.

Throughout producing these watches, Rolex introduced some large face watches using the names of Rolex Air Lion, Rolex Air King, and Rolex Air Tiger and Rolex Air Giant around the suggestion of various air carriers of this time. However, these models never gain popularity among people except The Rolex Air King model, so Rolex proceeded with Rolex Air King in Air travel watch line.

In 1960's, Replica Rolex Air King got the actual fame due to its sleek design and connection to aviation. Rolex Air King 5500 is among the legendary models within the collection that covers greater than 37 year in the history. Whenever we dug deep within the good reputation for this legendary model, it was among the longest continuously crafted by Rolex.

Although Rolex Air King Watches include easy and sleek designs but nonetheless have a very good value for vintage watches. This timeless watch has been the personification and living legacy of brave fighter aircraft pilots of their peak era. Those people who are the actual fan of Rolex Air King still likes to put on it as being a life-style watch.

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