yeahwotever: Baja California Sur.
yeahwotever: Mulege Sunset.
yeahwotever: Hotel Hacienda.
yeahwotever: Rodimiro Cesena
yeahwotever: Mulege Bust
yeahwotever: Curios Lubitas
yeahwotever: Sponsored by Corona Extra
yeahwotever: Downtown Santa Rosalia.
yeahwotever: Mexican Lunch.
yeahwotever: Mission of our Lady.
yeahwotever: Roadside.
yeahwotever: Selfie.
yeahwotever: Bienvenidos.
yeahwotever: Border Patrol.
yeahwotever: TECATE.
yeahwotever: Entrance to the Old Mill.
yeahwotever: Mud Feature.
yeahwotever: Waterhole.
yeahwotever: The Baja, somewhere.
yeahwotever: Punta Prieta Church.
yeahwotever: Driving past the hood...
yeahwotever: The VW Derby
yeahwotever: Round em up.
yeahwotever: Early flight.
yeahwotever: The Converted.
yeahwotever: 715km South of the line.
yeahwotever: Motel la Espinita.
yeahwotever: Multi Tasking.
yeahwotever: Church of the Shells.