yeahwotever: 1O7A7156
yeahwotever: Start.
yeahwotever: Straight & Narrow.
yeahwotever: 1O7A7179
yeahwotever: Damp morning.
yeahwotever: A bend.
yeahwotever: This one gathered moss.
yeahwotever: Wedgie.
yeahwotever: Back to the straight away.
yeahwotever: More trees.
yeahwotever: Shattered.
yeahwotever: No to pooch.
yeahwotever: On the zigzags.
yeahwotever: A zag.
yeahwotever: Green.
yeahwotever: Taylor Meadows Junction
yeahwotever: Legend.
yeahwotever: Taylor Meadows to Garibaldi Lake.
yeahwotever: Brown.
yeahwotever: Garibaldo Lake.
yeahwotever: Garibaldi Provincial Park.
yeahwotever: Lake Log.
yeahwotever: Lake trees.
yeahwotever: Cheese Lasagna.