yeahwotever: Winding out of Puno.
yeahwotever: The edge of Lake Titicaca.
yeahwotever: Smokin'
yeahwotever: Trains, toys & trinkets.
yeahwotever: Everything wash day.
yeahwotever: Tirapata to Ayaviri
yeahwotever: Crossing.
yeahwotever: Family bike.
yeahwotever: Wireless.
yeahwotever: 100% Peruano
yeahwotever: Turismo la Merced.
yeahwotever: Ronco 150
yeahwotever: Walking the cow.
yeahwotever: Sitting in the heat.
yeahwotever: Perurail 653.
yeahwotever: Col de La Raya.
yeahwotever: Fuerte Gradiente.
yeahwotever: Small Wave.
yeahwotever: Pointer.
yeahwotever: Bumpy ride.