yeahwotever: Our train.
yeahwotever: A musical departure.
yeahwotever: Through the burbs.
yeahwotever: Morning Sun.
yeahwotever: FVCA 206.
yeahwotever: Trains.
yeahwotever: An FVCA meeting.
yeahwotever: The way up.
yeahwotever: 1009 Wave.
yeahwotever: Under & Over.
yeahwotever: Casapalca Station Estacion.
yeahwotever: Past the mine.
yeahwotever: Rain Storm.
yeahwotever: Pito - Whistle.
yeahwotever: Almost at the top.
yeahwotever: Looking west - heading east
yeahwotever: Train - Lite.
yeahwotever: Acid Tanks.
yeahwotever: End of the Train - End of the Day.