yeahwotever: Thanks for buying.
yeahwotever: Rice Man.
yeahwotever: Limes and Leaves.
yeahwotever: Coconut Vendor.
yeahwotever: Reading the paper.
yeahwotever: Counter staff.
yeahwotever: The Tea Guy
yeahwotever: Another cuppa
yeahwotever: Mark P.A.N. & Sons Since 1960
yeahwotever: Since 1960
yeahwotever: Milk Bar Staff
yeahwotever: Ooty Milk Bar - Stall 33/202
yeahwotever: Barrista
yeahwotever: Hot Milk
yeahwotever: Punters at the HAS Milk Bar, Ooty.
yeahwotever: The H.A.S. Milk Bar
yeahwotever: HAS Milk Bar
yeahwotever: Fresh cuppa