yeahwotever: Day One.
yeahwotever: Hamilton Canal
yeahwotever: Downtown Negombo
yeahwotever: Foreshore.
yeahwotever: Finished product.
yeahwotever: Raw material.
yeahwotever: Coconut Rope Factory
yeahwotever: Toddy Tapper.
yeahwotever: Murugan Temple
yeahwotever: Colourful.
yeahwotever: Calm before the storm.
yeahwotever: Mihintale Sun Rays.
yeahwotever: Buddha at Mihintale
yeahwotever: Ambasthala Dagaba.
yeahwotever: Golden Buddha
yeahwotever: Flower stall.
yeahwotever: Golden Support.
yeahwotever: On Guard.
yeahwotever: Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi
yeahwotever: Tree Detail.
yeahwotever: Abstinence From All Evil.
yeahwotever: Ruwanwelisaya Stupa
yeahwotever: Flags.
yeahwotever: Monkey Seat
yeahwotever: Ruwanwelisaya Stupa
yeahwotever: Awesome trees
yeahwotever: Jethawanaramaya Dagaba Stupa.
yeahwotever: Jethawanaramaya Dagaba Stupa.
yeahwotever: Twin Ponds - Kuttam Pokuna
yeahwotever: Soaking in the Tank.