yeahwotever: #40 the front end.
yeahwotever: Sitting Idle at Ely.
yeahwotever: Deserted Yard.
yeahwotever: Safety First.
yeahwotever: From the Caboose.
yeahwotever: Tender #21.
yeahwotever: #93 2-8-0 in the shed at Ely.
yeahwotever: Lubricants.
yeahwotever: 105 & 204
yeahwotever: The wrecking outfit tool car.
yeahwotever: Locomotive 93.
yeahwotever: Nevada Northern Ry Co.
yeahwotever: Wrecking Outfit.
yeahwotever: NN Wrecking Crane A.
yeahwotever: Sitting in the shed.
yeahwotever: Empty Yard.
yeahwotever: Abandoned Ore Cars.
yeahwotever: Nevada Northern #40.
yeahwotever: Old Lines.