yeahwotever: Van East.
yeahwotever: Drive Wheels.
yeahwotever: On Ramp.
yeahwotever: Point of view
yeahwotever: Double First Narrows.
yeahwotever: Stationary flow
yeahwotever: Family sized boat.
yeahwotever: Dog Mountain - North Vancouver
yeahwotever: Black Tusk in the morning sun.
yeahwotever: Black Tusk in the afternoon sun and clouds.
yeahwotever: Team Red on the Tantalus Wall
yeahwotever: In the mist.
yeahwotever: Grey day at Siwash.
yeahwotever: A Year in Beer.
yeahwotever: Whistler Day.
yeahwotever: Van Sun Set
yeahwotever: W Georgia St 700
yeahwotever: Coffee and a smoke.
yeahwotever: Snow Trees
yeahwotever: Powder Trails.
yeahwotever: Meanwhile downtown...
yeahwotever: Stalls 142-144
yeahwotever: Peak Light.
yeahwotever: Bullet hole truck
yeahwotever: Sinking Bridge.
yeahwotever: Burnaby Skyline.
yeahwotever: Downtown Van and Beyond.
yeahwotever: Tower Tops.
yeahwotever: Stanley Park.
yeahwotever: The High Road.