yeahwotever: Legislative Palaces on Plaza Murillo
yeahwotever: Florist, La Paz, Bolivia
yeahwotever: Calle Indaburo / Calle C. Bolivar
yeahwotever: Cops on the corner in La Paz.
yeahwotever: Bolivia Bugs
yeahwotever: Meanwhile in Bolivia
yeahwotever: Oruro - Elevacion 3706m.
yeahwotever: Generator Car-Wagon
yeahwotever: Checking paperwork.
yeahwotever: Getting hooked up.
yeahwotever: The front end - 1022.
yeahwotever: Dead steam in the desert.
yeahwotever: Out of Steam.
yeahwotever: Colchani - Elevacion 3665 m
yeahwotever: Desert Wheels
yeahwotever: Isla Incahuasi - Salar de Uyuni
yeahwotever: Tunupa volcano
yeahwotever: Caged.
yeahwotever: Tanked.
yeahwotever: Crumple Zone.
yeahwotever: Such is life...
yeahwotever: The Steam Machine.
yeahwotever: Scrapland
yeahwotever: Desert Wheels.
yeahwotever: A Rough Diamond.
yeahwotever: Cyclone.
yeahwotever: Desert Haulier.
yeahwotever: The Far Side.
yeahwotever: Going Underground.