xJohns: 509. Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do
xJohns: 508. Take shelter for rain.
xJohns: 507. Duel for Darksaber
xJohns: 506. That's my seat !
xJohns: 505. The fall of the Avengers
xJohns: 504. Shao Kahn the Konqueror
xJohns: 503. ドラえもん
xJohns: 502. Iron Man Mark XLIII
xJohns: 501. The Multi-Universe of Prime
xJohns: 500. Riding a "bull"
xJohns: 499. Venom raises
xJohns: 498. At my mercy.
xJohns: 497. Rockers
xJohns: 496. Rodimus Prime - You got the touch.....
xJohns: 495. The strongest wins.
xJohns: 494. Wrong Multiverse of Madness - “I am supposed to join MCU not Star wars”
xJohns: 493. Defeated
xJohns: 492. Outnumbered
xJohns: 491. Unleashed the skill of Beskar Spear
xJohns: 490. Ryu's Shoryuken
xJohns: 489. Turtles at night duty call
xJohns: 488. I am Cyclops.
xJohns: 487. Fist bump Bro - We get to play Vader Boss.
xJohns: 486. Twin War
xJohns: 485. "You can't beat the lightning speed of Master Jackie-Chun"
xJohns: 484. Rest to "Direct"
xJohns: 483. When times that Spideys ran out of webs - Run!
xJohns: 482. John Wick
xJohns: 481. Hulkyuken
xJohns: 480. The battle of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow