xJohns: 391. Danger behind
xJohns: 390. Did you order Pizza?
xJohns: 389. The Creation of "Adam"?
xJohns: 388. I am Iron Man
xJohns: 387. Suit Test, initialize sequence
xJohns: 386. Optimus Prime's fight
xJohns: 385. "To be prepare for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace"
xJohns: 384. The badass Bo-Katan Kryze
xJohns: 383. Steve Rogers's Final Battle
xJohns: 382. "I need my wings !"
xJohns: 381. Rescue the team.
xJohns: 380. Band of Brothers
xJohns: 379. The infamous "Head-bang Blooper" scene
xJohns: 378. Rooting for Boss to win
xJohns: 377. Got to trust my Peter-tingle
xJohns: 376. I am Captain America
xJohns: 375. The bounty on The Bounty Hunter
xJohns: 374. Where's the child?
xJohns: 373. No likes Bears
xJohns: 372. Thanos's drinking buddy
xJohns: 371. Morning Milk Delivery Training
xJohns: 370. ♪ You know it's thriller. Thriller night ♪
xJohns: 369. Looking for the bat?
xJohns: 368. Turtles Rhapsody
xJohns: 365. I am Donatello
xJohns: 366. I am Leonardo
xJohns: 367. I am Michelangelo
xJohns: 364. I'm Raphael
xJohns: 363. Spiderman 3
xJohns: 362. R2D2: "Beep-bee-doo-boop-bee-doo-weep"