xiaoping98: Sunrise at Yangtz River, Wuhan, China
xiaoping98: Twillingate Adventure Tours, NL
xiaoping98: Fiery Sunset, Bonavista Peninsula
xiaoping98: Sunset by the Bonnavista Lighthouse
xiaoping98: Sunset at Lobster Cove, Rocky Harbour, NL (explored)
xiaoping98: Peggy's Cove Harbour, Nova Scotia
xiaoping98: Trout River, Newfoundland
xiaoping98: Peggy's Cove - Misty version
xiaoping98: Twillingate after sunrise
xiaoping98: Sunset at Red Cliff, NL (explored)
xiaoping98: City of Lights - St. John's, NL
xiaoping98: Colourful Cottages under the soft sunset at Rocky Harbour, NL
xiaoping98: West Brook Pond Boat Tour
xiaoping98: Panoramic view of Gros Mourne mountain range, Bonne Bay and Tablelands from the Lookout near the Discovery Centre.
xiaoping98: Iceberg Tour, Twillingate, NL
xiaoping98: Sunset at Red Cliff, Newfoundland
xiaoping98: Common Yellowthroat 1/2
xiaoping98: Common Yellowthroat 2/2
xiaoping98: Farm Land
xiaoping98: savannah sparrow
xiaoping98: Red-winged Blackbird (f)
xiaoping98: Red-winged Blackbird 1/2
xiaoping98: Red-winged Blackbird 2/2
xiaoping98: Canada Goose Duckling
xiaoping98: Siblings
xiaoping98: Orange on Green
xiaoping98: Red on Green
xiaoping98: Sing Your Lungs Out
xiaoping98: Yellow-rumped Warbler
xiaoping98: Yellow-rumped Warbler