billowenphotography: setting for two
billowenphotography: a glimmer of hope
billowenphotography: harvest moon
billowenphotography: poppy and bee
billowenphotography: the Meon valley
billowenphotography: trout stream
billowenphotography: ripening under the blue sky
billowenphotography: wild weather
billowenphotography: PURPLE POPPY
billowenphotography: at the going down of the sun
billowenphotography: a hint of the divine
billowenphotography: harbour entrance
billowenphotography: into the magical
billowenphotography: Glyme falls
billowenphotography: the Cogges dragon
billowenphotography: stunning blue bells
billowenphotography: a local dragon
billowenphotography: another Palladian bridge
billowenphotography: sea cliffs Cornwall
billowenphotography: artist's impression of the falls
billowenphotography: the ruins of Laugharne
billowenphotography: Stonesfield beeches with Sophie
billowenphotography: an Evenlode swan
billowenphotography: off to the woods
billowenphotography: above the falls