The Library of Congress: Gen. Zeligowski (LOC)
Bob Vennard: Autumn Bounty
Bill Gracey 28 Million Views: Contours And Textures In A Gold Leaf
Shineylewis: Breakfast of Champions
Shineylewis: Empty Nest
bakao: Red Mustang Coupe
ChuckShot: My desk.
Bastiank80: Dimensions
eestes005: Erik Estes Fort Worth Texas 2014
josellmariano: Roommate Photo
Rey de Elreyfoto: Bruce is back...
creactivphoto: Girl with kitten
John Magas - Portrait - One Light Setup
Saul G.: Dinner: fly with eggs
Rhonbo: 7 at a time.
Shineylewis: You Got a Problem? Fresh harvest
budrowilson: An Orchestra of Light – Ode to the Strobist