cwhitted: Hunting Stand for the Amphibian
cwhitted: Luna Moth
cwhitted: To the Tree
cwhitted: Bald Eagle Attack Run
cwhitted: Clouds Over Mountain
cwhitted: High Altitude and Low Sky
cwhitted: Shenandoah River, Virginia
cwhitted: Follow the Trail
cwhitted: Eyes on Meal, Not Photographer
cwhitted: Historic Chatham Mills
cwhitted: Table for One
cwhitted: Shenandoah River, Virginia
cwhitted: Long Way From Home
cwhitted: Periscoping
cwhitted: Side of Haw
cwhitted: Did You Get That Shot?
cwhitted: First Day of Spring and Northern Water Snake!
cwhitted: Great Blue Heron & Snack
cwhitted: Winter's End
cwhitted: Robin in da 'Hood
cwhitted: In The Pines
cwhitted: You Can Normalize...
cwhitted: We've had some rain....and a tree
cwhitted: Pound Sign Creek Life
cwhitted: Never Fall
cwhitted: Before Sunset Meal
cwhitted: Evening Eagle
cwhitted: Winter River
cwhitted: I'm Spying You Spying Them
cwhitted: A Fish Has Been Spotted