K_Todd_74: Soon they will be back - Green Heron
K_Todd_74: singing that odd song they have - Spotted Towhee
K_Todd_74: Ruddy curing an itch
K_Todd_74: busy day of diving - Ring Neck Duck Drake
K_Todd_74: Remembering the year the White Pelicans visited the wetlands
K_Todd_74: Crawdad is almost as big as the Pied Billed Grebe
K_Todd_74: First sighting of red-eared slider (invasive) of the year
K_Todd_74: He stopped moving - Bushtit
K_Todd_74: busy day of diving - Ring Neck Duck (f)
K_Todd_74: Somebody is still feeding the wildlife in the wetlands
K_Todd_74: Lost its tail - Song Sparrow
K_Todd_74: A little fluffy today - Goldfinch
K_Todd_74: They are back and looking to mate - Killdeer
K_Todd_74: She is a beauty - Northern Shoveler
K_Todd_74: Staredown with a Bushtit female
K_Todd_74: Little one trying to eat in peace - Brush Rabbit
K_Todd_74: House Finch (m)
K_Todd_74: Looking for trouble - American Coot
K_Todd_74: Wetland squirrels are so much better off since people stopped feeding them. they can actually get away from the hawks
K_Todd_74: A moment of cuteness, spring is approaching
K_Todd_74: Stealth mode - Redtail Hawk
K_Todd_74: Time for a Song Sparrow portrait
K_Todd_74: Time for an Anna's Hummingbird portrait
K_Todd_74: The closest I have ever gotten - Bufflehead Drake
K_Todd_74: Eureka! an insect nest - Downy Woodpecker
K_Todd_74: Mallard mix - Amazing the varieties they have
K_Todd_74: Last year thousands of Yellow Rumps visited us - this year not so much
K_Todd_74: Just before sunset - a grand view
K_Todd_74: Off to the other side - Hooded Merganser(m)
K_Todd_74: Now, it is stuck to my beak - Scrubjay