K_Todd_74: Always nice to see the colorful male House Finch
K_Todd_74: Cormorant poses for a rare closeup
K_Todd_74: back again for autumn - Black cap night heron
K_Todd_74: And down it goes - Belted Kingfisher
K_Todd_74: Belted Kingfisher scores big !
K_Todd_74: Deep in thought - Egret
K_Todd_74: Gadwall versus Bufflehead
K_Todd_74: Graceful in flight - Egret
K_Todd_74: Intruder alert - Bald Eagle
K_Todd_74: Does not see me, yet - Northern Flicker
K_Todd_74: Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose
K_Todd_74: modeling for me - American Crow
K_Todd_74: Berry feast - House Finch (m)
K_Todd_74: Cooper's Hawk seen in mono
K_Todd_74: Cooper's Hawk seen in mono
K_Todd_74: time for some crunchy old blackberries - House Finch (m)
K_Todd_74: some fall romance - Mallards
K_Todd_74: young Common Merganser gets a catfish meal (Explore)
K_Todd_74: Not too often when you see two Redtail Hawks perched together
K_Todd_74: Sooties (Fox Sparrow) makes their arrival
K_Todd_74: House Finches raid the autumn berries
K_Todd_74: territorial rights - Wood Duck
K_Todd_74: Attack mode - American Coot
K_Todd_74: Been awhile since I got a lifer - Townsend Solitaire
K_Todd_74: All mine! - squirrel with its prize nut
K_Todd_74: Winter is here! always on the lookout for food - Scrubjay
K_Todd_74: After a Flicker - Cooper's Hawk
K_Todd_74: The tale of the Grebe and the catfish
K_Todd_74: Carry out - Great Blue Heron
K_Todd_74: Here Duckie, Duckie !- coyote misses a duck flock in the water