Thinking Form: A logo for single album kekinian @jflowrighthere #kekinian #jflow #singer #logo #typography #design #grid
eyetwist: self serve supreme. north edwards, ca. 2011.
eyewashdesign: A. Golden: Flowers are put over individual names on the day of each person's birth, however, this bouquet was clearly from a loved one. Visitors seem to have forgotten the 9/11 grounds are one giant graveyard - this much is evident upon visiting. I saw very little
brunoporto: Marco Aurélio Lobo Junior apresenta o Diagnóstico do Design no Brasil no Centro Universitário IESB_
sbouboux: Κέρκυρα, Κέρκυρα: The golden hour
Biblioteca de Arte-Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian: Av. de Berna n.º 5. Lisboa, Portugal.
Markos Zouridakis: A Place Composed Entirely
pilllpat (agence eureka): easrmatch057
pilllpat (agence eureka): easrmatch053
pilllpat (agence eureka): easrmatch054
pilllpat (agence eureka): easrmatch080
pilllpat (agence eureka): easrmatch079
pilllpat (agence eureka): easrmatch056
pilllpat (agence eureka): easrmatch055
k masback: Beaver tents all knitted up
Mr Baggins: Madiba in Mosaic
13mx: 0918 - RBRKe0T
13mx: 0959 - I8Pbpmi
13mx: 1000 - ReAipwD
Franz & P: Château de Beusdael
Franz & P: while you were sleeping
lamarstyle: Lamar and the Mules wish everyone the very best!
Coilhouse: Die Schönheit
crazyJason: 猴子體操 #mural #kaohsiung