tsevis: Just the United States
tsevis: Cristiano Ronaldo: Portugal 2010
tsevis: Michael Phelps: No words. Just water...
tsevis: Charlize on Circles
tsevis: Paul Caridad Sanchez: A colorful portrait for a colorful person
tsevis: iPad Woman: The wired and wireless future of media and infotainment
tsevis: Vespa Love
tsevis: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg for WIRED magazine
tsevis: Barack Obama: A colorful (almost African) portrait
tsevis: Wired Steve Jobs
tsevis: The Jazzman
tsevis: Typo CowGirl: Yeeha!
tsevis: London: The Capital of Romance
tsevis: iPublishing, iReading, iEnjoying
tsevis: Britney Spears: A life mosaic
tsevis: Illustrations for the SANYO ZIO campaign (3)
tsevis: AKON: The R&B Star from Senegal
tsevis: HITECH: Everything from the net!
tsevis: iPhone DNA for Fortune magazine
tsevis: Freedom 2.0 Alpha
tsevis: MILAN 2009
tsevis: Anti-Spam filter
tsevis: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... typefaces
tsevis: The colors of basketball
tsevis: Fernando Torres: Liverpool 2009-2010
tsevis: TextGirl4Dimitris
tsevis: Barack Obama: Stars, stripes and ideals
tsevis: Mobile Office White
tsevis: Dead rich for Evening Standard magazine
tsevis: Julian Assange and his Leaking World