tsevis: Tupac: The Hip Hop Genius
tsevis: Bunny Rugs: Always around
tsevis: The amazing universe of Stephen Hawking (for Monet magazine)
tsevis: Andy Warhol: 25 years later... for Village Voice
tsevis: DONALD TRUMP: Made with dollars.
tsevis: Clear Channel: Where brands meet people (2)
tsevis: IKEA Sweden: Mosaic Girl
tsevis: Lionel Messi: El poder i el cervell (The power and the brain)
tsevis: Wake up and live (An optimistic Bob Marley portrait)
tsevis: Yes We Can. Again
tsevis: Didier Drogba: Côte d'Ivoire 2010 (Second mosaic illustration)
tsevis: Victory 2 (for Dialogue magazine)
tsevis: BRASIL 2014: KICK OFF!
tsevis: Simone De Beauvoir: The butterfly (for Womankind magazine Australia)
tsevis: Gatorade Evoluciona: Paulo Henrique Ganso
tsevis: Womankind magazine: The Hellenic issue
tsevis: Cristiano Ronaldo: The pride of Portugal 🇵🇹
tsevis: CTina's ty...portrait
tsevis: President Barack Obama: Weaving a stars and stripes portrait
tsevis: APHRODITES: Cycladic memories
tsevis: Qrator: Join the fun!
tsevis: Sentiment Analysis for C-of-the-ACM
tsevis: The house (For the LYON EXPO 2015 - FOIRE DE LYON 2015)
tsevis: Digilant: Above and beyond the data (3)
tsevis: Romantica (2): [Old Fashioned People]
tsevis: Burn: DRIVE in a free state of creativity
tsevis: Pete Buttigieg: Picking up the pieces
tsevis: Smithsonian Magazine: Abraham Lincoln and the 100 most significant Americans of all time.
tsevis: Typography Power
tsevis: Russia 2018: зрелище - Spectacle (Neymar Jr.)