tresed47: Colors of Spring
tresed47: Winter Visitor
tresed47: Female Red-shouldered Hawk
tresed47: A Little Bit of Happiness
tresed47: Backyard Coopers Hawk
tresed47: Shoveler Pair
tresed47: The Stare
tresed47: Flight of Dunlin
tresed47: Peace
tresed47: White-breasted Nuthatch
tresed47: My Little Buddy.
tresed47: Hairy Woodpecker
tresed47: Handsome, but disliked
tresed47: The Dive
tresed47: Shoveler Hen take off
tresed47: Impressing the ladies
tresed47: House Finch
tresed47: Northern Shoveler pair
tresed47: Catching the light
tresed47: Shoveler incoming
tresed47: Surveying their domain
tresed47: Injured Greater Yellowlegs
tresed47: Red-winged Blackbird
tresed47: Dressed in blue.
tresed47: Great Blue Heron landing
tresed47: Purple Sandpiper
tresed47: Like my hat?
tresed47: Young Red-tailed Hawk
tresed47: At full stretch
tresed47: Belted Kingfisher with catch