Toni_V: break
Toni_V: U R I
Toni_V: fun in the alps
Toni_V: Albert-Heim-Hütte SAC
Toni_V: a good place for photographers
Toni_V: Fantastic Four (with the invisible woman)
Toni_V: Tiefengletscher in front the Galenstock
Toni_V: king for a day
Toni_V: The journey is the reward
Toni_V: big minnie
Toni_V: swiss heaven
Toni_V: down!
Toni_V: way down to andermatt
Toni_V: looking for the best shooting place
Toni_V: The Gurschner Hills Rat Pack
Toni_V: mittelstation gurschenalp #2
Toni_V: mittelstation gurschenalp
Toni_V: up!
Toni_V: R.I.P.
Toni_V: Rathaus Ursern
Toni_V: photographers in action!
Toni_V: spitzigrat above andermatt
Toni_V: maria
Toni_V: 776 meters above andermatt = 2212 meters above sea level
Toni_V: Maria-Hilf-Kapelle in Andermatt
Toni_V: Urschner Höhenweg
Toni_V: full steam ahead (Furka mountain section)
Toni_V: The world of the Furka steam railway
Toni_V: UR・43
Toni_V: Urschner Höhenweg (2)