Toni_V: base camp @ matterhorn switzerland
Toni_V: below gornergrat
Toni_V: stellisee @ valais switzerland
Toni_V: The Ring
Toni_V: To appreciate the beauty of a snow flake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold (quote by unknown)
Toni_V: gornerschlucht II
Toni_V: in the matterhorn railway
Toni_V: just another day in paradise ♫♪♬
Toni_V: sunrise @ breithorn switzerland
Toni_V: Hey Doc! This suppository is oversized!!!!
Toni_V: morning view @ riffelsee zermatt
Toni_V: red bench
Toni_V: beer o'clock
Toni_V: schwarzsee @ zermatt switzerland
Toni_V: sunset @ matterhorn zermatt
Toni_V: #3054 near gornergrat @ zermatt switzerland
Toni_V: matterhorn sunrise©
Toni_V: tunnelsurfer
Toni_V: maTTerhorn (hdr is not dead)
Toni_V: a little bit overdressed for a mountain hike :-)
Toni_V: up to 3'883 metres / 12'736 ft.
Toni_V: Toni @ 3883 metres
Toni_V: Mehr Mensch sein ♢ L'homme d'abord ♢ Uomo prima di tutto ♢ Be more human
Toni_V: up to gornergrat
Toni_V: ice bootle & me
Toni_V: inside the blue glacier @ klein matterhorn switzerland
Toni_V: chapel "Maria zum Schnee" @ schwarzsee zermatt
Toni_V: casual meeting with a saint bernard dog
Toni_V: uP!