thompshow: spout & shadow
thompshow: runoff
thompshow: spout
thompshow: gnarled
thompshow: Vesuvial dream
thompshow: white tulips
thompshow: Gershwin Afternoon
thompshow: mood report
thompshow: dark/blue
thompshow: and what memories there shall be
thompshow: roof & steeple
thompshow: random crossing
thompshow: Christmas dreaming
thompshow: wreath
thompshow: winter walk
thompshow: blue world
thompshow: making merry
thompshow: hydrangea, late autumn
thompshow: dark empire
thompshow: peacock?
thompshow: unconvinced
thompshow: Short North whirl
thompshow: opera blues
thompshow: arrival
thompshow: orchids over easy
thompshow: bird nest
thompshow: inside
thompshow: raindrops on roses
thompshow: color & coincidence