Randy Durrum: In San Gimignano
Bill DuPree: Stormy
Kuba_Frys: Aspen trees
Friedels Foto Freuden: Bugspriet und Festmacher Tau im Sonnenuntergang
Bill DuPree: Boardwalk
Hemo Kerem: Iceland
xappik: Derwent Fell Waterfall
Andrea Moscato: Alpe Buscagna - Parco Naturale Alpe Devero (Italy)
jens-kristiansoendergaard: The Banks . Reflections
rudyschnick: IMG_7597a
rudyschnick: IMG_7896a
rudyschnick: IMG_7923a
Bill DuPree: Horse House
Mary Mead: Visiting an open-air museum
Cornelis photographer / author: Ireland, near Kenmare Bay -2019
b13bhm: Central Pier
Mansoor Bashir: Passu Cathedral
tim.londeree1: Hocking Hills, Ohio
2n2907: Minimal Architectural Abstract
dipudah: climbing tree
2n2907: Abstract Architecture
Tim Ravenscroft: Little Moreton Hall
tim.londeree1: Hocking Hills, Ohio
Official SpaceX Photos: Starlink Mission
nikons4me: Abandoned
Bill DuPree: Starr’s Mill on IR Film
Rico Shay: The Race
Rico Shay: Portwey under Tower Bridge