nikons4me: Abandoned
Bill DuPree: Starr’s Mill on IR Film
Rico Shay: The Race
Rico Shay: Portwey under Tower Bridge
Rico Shay: A Happy Christmas
Rico Shay: Dozing
Rico Shay: Grassington Main St Night
Rico Shay: London
Rico Shay: A cold, wet evening...
Rico Shay: Lily
Rico Shay: Dunwich beach
smoothstonephotography: What A Tangled Web We Weave
Simon Verrall: Oak in a rape field
angelinas: growing tree...
Stan Smucker: Fallen
Emykla: Take a seat... The endless is in front of you.
clare j kaczmarek: Mill Creek Falls
A Costigan: The Green above
A Costigan: Step into the forest
Rico Shay: Bolt
BasHandels: Purple haze
lydiacassatt: The Oak Tree
missfisher': Yellow
roelbleeker: The Schans
Sheila Newenham: All American Toad
Sheila Newenham: Woodland Spotlight
rudyschnick: IMG_4062a
rudyschnick: IMG_4743a