samgfolkart: Blues Brothers
samgfolkart: Elvis in Vegas
samgfolkart: Uphill Barefoot
samgfolkart: Stitched with Love
samgfolkart: The Crappy Cowboy
samgfolkart: Turtle Teapot
samgfolkart: Turtle Teapot
samgfolkart: My Old Bedside Table
samgfolkart: Clay pieces
samgfolkart: Miniature Clay Freedom Chicken
samgfolkart: Chrome Freedom Chicken
samgfolkart: Don King plays the Blues
samgfolkart: Smalls for Art at BB's
samgfolkart: Crossroads Play Set
samgfolkart: The Jim Crow Blues Show
samgfolkart: Blues from my Perspective
samgfolkart: Waitin
samgfolkart: Not by Ear
samgfolkart: Teachers
samgfolkart: Fluffy the Electric Coffee Making Chicken
samgfolkart: I Fall to Pieces
samgfolkart: Rev. Uriah Strangelove
samgfolkart: The Fluffster
samgfolkart: The Devil Woman is Watching You
samgfolkart: The Possum Eating Cowboys
samgfolkart: Horror Movie Poster
samgfolkart: A Lesson in Conformity
samgfolkart: Devil Woman Ahead
samgfolkart: Devil Woman Crossing
samgfolkart: Man of the World