ronzigler: Red-breasted Nuthatch with sunflower seed IMG_3211
ronzigler: "You lookin' at me?" Snowy Owl Stare down IMG_3137
ronzigler: Common Eider IMG_3068
ronzigler: Common Eider IMG_3090
ronzigler: Snowy Owl sheltering on a windy day at the beach IMG_3183
ronzigler: West Brookfield, Massachusetts Family Practice Office.
ronzigler: American Red Squirrel IMG_3054
ronzigler: American Red Squirrel IMG_3053
ronzigler: Fungus on a tree.
ronzigler: Red-breasted Nuthatch IMG_3007
ronzigler: Red-breasted Nuthatch IMG_3000
ronzigler: Pileated Woodpecker IMG_2985-Edit.jpg
ronzigler: Blue Jay IMG_2953
ronzigler: IMG_2945-Edit.jpg
ronzigler: American Red Squirrel IMG_2943
ronzigler: Just in time for Thanksgiving.
ronzigler: Spotted Salamander
ronzigler: Cedar Waxwing with Berry IMG_2915
ronzigler: Palm Warbler IMG_2836
ronzigler: Yellow-rumped Warbler IMG_2863
ronzigler: Palm Warbler IMG_2828
ronzigler: Yellow-rumped Warbler IMG_2879
ronzigler: Pine Siskin attacking a seed-head IMG_2748
ronzigler: Pine Siskin attacking a seed-head IMG_2757
ronzigler: Pine Siskin IMG_2746
ronzigler: Pine Siskin IMG_2735
ronzigler: Pine Siskin IMG_2759
ronzigler: Ruby-crowned Kinglet IMG_5048
ronzigler: Bald Eagle IMG_5329
ronzigler: Cape May Warbler IMG_7276