quinet: Shrine of Hindu mythology
quinet: Swainson's Hawk
quinet: German munitions column in East Prussia WWI
quinet: 1890 piano box runabout
quinet: WWI medals of Canadian Lt. Col. John MacGregor
quinet: Red burst on night sky
quinet: Back support
quinet: 1927 circular embroidery pattern
quinet: Bust of Pieter Spiering
quinet: Spotted tree fungi
quinet: Happy pigs
quinet: Cherries ripe for picking
quinet: Hindu Ramlila masks
quinet: Long-eared Owl and nest
quinet: Town square in Mlawa Poland WWI
quinet: 1890 piano box runabout
quinet: 1894 Winchester repeating rifle
quinet: Volcanic fireworks
quinet: Headband neckband
quinet: Museum portal
quinet: Texture of stone wall
quinet: Piggies
quinet: Ripe cherries
quinet: Monkey God
quinet: Northern Hawk-Owl
quinet: Aerial photograph of a Russian village WWI
quinet: 1910 universal spring wagon
quinet: WWII uniform of the Pacific Coast Militia Rangers
quinet: Starpoints
quinet: 1927 embroidery pattern with fruit