PsJeremy: Erskine Falls (30m or 100ft drop)
PsJeremy: Aireys Inlet cliff top and lighthouse
PsJeremy: Split Point lighthouse
PsJeremy: Hobart, Viewed from top of Mt Wellington
PsJeremy: Yellow tailed Black Cockatoo munching a pine cone
PsJeremy: Black Cockatoo munching pine cones
PsJeremy: Ostrich Close-up
PsJeremy: Lens of Cape Otway Lighthouse
PsJeremy: Otway Redwood forest at river edge
PsJeremy: Matured aphid/plant bugs on rosebud
PsJeremy: This morning's dawn Moonset at 6:15am, 22/10/21
PsJeremy: The Common Galah - Pair
PsJeremy: Stevenson falls, Marysville
PsJeremy: The tiny world of the Ant Kingdom
PsJeremy: Unknown seed sprouting
PsJeremy: The fragrance of lilac flowers attract many insects
PsJeremy: Bronze wing in the bush (Male)
PsJeremy: White Winged Chough
PsJeremy: White Winged Chough
PsJeremy: Wax-lip orchid - Warrandyte goldfields
PsJeremy: Red-rumped Parrot
PsJeremy: Tiny sprouting carrot seedlings
PsJeremy: Indian garlic seen in Asia
PsJeremy: Pacific Black ducklings with mama
PsJeremy: Red-brow finch munching on Dandelion seeds
PsJeremy: The Red Brow Finch
PsJeremy: Wisteria in full bloom on the archway to Yarra Walk - Historic Bakery
PsJeremy: Lampranthus Aurantiacus Schwantes - aka Orange Ice plant. So hard to capture this bright red/orange sun seeking flower
PsJeremy: Such a contrast in colours
PsJeremy: This flower pattern reminds me of the Swiss guards at the Vatican