Poul-Werner: Den spanske trappe in daytime
Poul-Werner: Silhuetted tree in the mist
Poul-Werner: Canute the Holy's robe - sort of
Poul-Werner: Vault/Ceiling
Poul-Werner: The castle from below
Poul-Werner: The tower 'wrapped' in scaffolding
Poul-Werner: Den spanske trappe by night
Poul-Werner: Roaming in the Darkness
Poul-Werner: Frys aldrig igen (Never be cold again)
Poul-Werner: Signage in the air
Poul-Werner: Play with intensional Blur - 2
Poul-Werner: Play with intentional Blur - 1
Poul-Werner: 'Glowing' Leaves
Poul-Werner: Autum Colours
Poul-Werner: Neumünster
Poul-Werner: Control Point No. 75
Poul-Werner: Bulrushes/Cattails
Poul-Werner: Family Photo Session
Poul-Werner: Control Point
Poul-Werner: Three by three ...
Poul-Werner: Sign of the times ...
Poul-Werner: Passenger aboard
Poul-Werner: Transportation ...
Poul-Werner: Country-side 'rush-hour' in the mist
Poul-Werner: Two donkeys and a small horse on a misty field
Poul-Werner: Misty tree patterns
Poul-Werner: The Lyngvig Lighthouse
Poul-Werner: Waiting Time on the Beach