PeterThoeny: Is that you waiting for the sunshine?
PeterThoeny: Salt pond with unanticipated diamond pattern
PeterThoeny: Social distancing
PeterThoeny: The spell of the first light of the day
PeterThoeny: Take it one step at a time & breathe
PeterThoeny: Dreaming of a Ford Bronco
PeterThoeny: Self portrait at the Travel Perspectives exhibition in San Jose
PeterThoeny: Fox Oakland Theatre, here we come
PeterThoeny: No lunar eclipse, but here is the full moon
PeterThoeny: Basking in the sunshine of a bygone afternoon
PeterThoeny: Straight up
PeterThoeny: Could you take a photo of us? Yes, certainly
PeterThoeny: Yes, I'm listening
PeterThoeny: Wander and wonder
PeterThoeny: Announcing Supercast San Francisco
PeterThoeny: Again we meet to catch up
PeterThoeny: Overlooking a moonscape
PeterThoeny: I'll see you on the dark side of the moon
PeterThoeny: Walnut harvesting time
PeterThoeny: Set the controls for the heart of the sun [Explore 2022-10-28 #56]
PeterThoeny: Dreaming of a new day, cast aside the other way
PeterThoeny: A message from the past
PeterThoeny: The table is set
PeterThoeny: Sometimes you have to change your tune to get where you want to be
PeterThoeny: All around me golden sun flakes settle on the ground
PeterThoeny: Road trip over the Swiss Alps
PeterThoeny: Long you live and high you fly, but only if you ride the tide
PeterThoeny: The only thing missing: a cold beer
PeterThoeny: Travel Perspectives exhibition at Art Ark Gallery
PeterThoeny: Great gig in the sky