pegase1972: Sunset
pegase1972: Tip of a corn plant
pegase1972: Reflection on Yamaska River in Brigham, Quebec
pegase1972: A tree in the field
pegase1972: Yamaska River
pegase1972: Wasp on flowers
pegase1972: Wheat field
pegase1972: A light in the dark
pegase1972: Flowers
pegase1972: Flowers and leaves
pegase1972: Balthazar Covered Bridge
pegase1972: Des Rivières Covered Bridge
pegase1972: Reflection
pegase1972: Church sign with a Covid hope sign
pegase1972: Pike River
pegase1972: A tree in the corn field
pegase1972: Freeport Covered Bridge
pegase1972: Yamaska River
pegase1972: Harris Cemetery
pegase1972: Balthazar covered bridge in Brigham, Quebec
pegase1972: Pike River
pegase1972: Stanbridge Ridge Stone Chapel
pegase1972: Light in the Dark
pegase1972: Full Moon
pegase1972: Bishop Stewart Memorial of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church
pegase1972: A Lonely tree in a corn field
pegase1972: Tips of corn plant
pegase1972: A nice red barn
pegase1972: Notre-Dame-des-Anges Catholic Church
pegase1972: Yamaska River