pedrosimoes7: Portrait of a beautiful Woman profile
pedrosimoes7: Mafra's Convent - Basilique - One of the several chapels
pedrosimoes7: Mafra's Convent - Palace
pedrosimoes7: Thin race [Head] (c.1915) - Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso (1897-1918)
pedrosimoes7: Untitled (c.1910-1911) - Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso (1897- 1918)
pedrosimoes7: Rui's Window (1969) - Marcelino Vespeira (1925-2002)
pedrosimoes7: Goggomobil TS 250
pedrosimoes7: Greek vase [calyx.Krater] (c. 440 B.C. Attica)
pedrosimoes7: Statue of Djedhor (c.300-250 BC)
pedrosimoes7: Object (1983) - Isabel Laginhas (1942-2018)
pedrosimoes7: 25 Abril 1919 - Reporter and photojournalist women doing their job
pedrosimoes7: Monumento aos Restauradores (1886) - António Tomás da Fonseca (Project)
pedrosimoes7: Study for the design of the work developed in the "Gares Marítimas do Conde de Óbidos" (1945-1948) - José de Almada Negreiros (1893-1970)
pedrosimoes7: Photographer Woman Portrait
pedrosimoes7: Eça de Queirós Sculpture [Temporary Exhibition] - Nicolau Campos
pedrosimoes7: Mafra's Convent - Palace - Bibliothéque[Detail]
pedrosimoes7: Madwoman Witch [Head] (c.1914) - Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso (1887-1918)
pedrosimoes7: Regatta (Undated) - Ana Gomes
pedrosimoes7: Mafra's Convent - Basilique - Façade
pedrosimoes7: Mafra's Convent - Palace - Bibliothéque [Overview]
pedrosimoes7: Statue of Lady Shepes (664-525 BC)
pedrosimoes7: As you know I'm an homeless cat, but you can find me here everyday
pedrosimoes7: Mafra Convent - Basilic - One of six organs
pedrosimoes7: Fishing boat coming back from a day's fishing in the sea surrounded by seagulls
pedrosimoes7: Adolescent people posing to the photographer
pedrosimoes7: By the camera's angle you are not photographing me but the photographer behind me!
pedrosimoes7: The couple
pedrosimoes7: Douro Rabelo's boats
pedrosimoes7: Camilo Pessanha [Poet] (1867-1926) - Francisco Simões[Sculptor] (1946)
pedrosimoes7: Two girls talking on the street corner