Silvermoon⋆: Seven colors
Silvermoon⋆: At sojiji Temple 11
Silvermoon⋆: Cold morning
Silvermoon⋆: Vem no vento 
Silvermoon⋆: Swim in the deep red sea
Silvermoon⋆: It's enough for me
Silvermoon⋆: Red Chaenomeles speciosa
Silvermoon⋆: Red cloth thong
Silvermoon⋆: Something in the wintertime shine
Silvermoon⋆: Autumn sunflower
Silvermoon⋆: I will find it in myself
Silvermoon⋆: Let's catch up with that dinghy by your grip!
Silvermoon⋆: Dazzling boards
Silvermoon⋆: Come my way
Silvermoon⋆: Standing in a golden screen
Silvermoon⋆: When wheel starts to spin
Silvermoon⋆: Mischievous sunset clouds
Silvermoon⋆: I will be there
Silvermoon⋆: Sing for me
Silvermoon⋆: Little Drop Of Splashing
Silvermoon⋆: Quiet Dawn
Silvermoon⋆: Up in the infinite sky
Silvermoon⋆: When the orange quietly tones down
Silvermoon⋆: That's my soul up there
Silvermoon⋆: For all I've created returns unto me 
Silvermoon⋆: If the river should run dry
Silvermoon⋆: The train is coming from beyond hazu
Silvermoon⋆: Make it rain
Silvermoon⋆: Rain gets blues
Silvermoon⋆: Devil may care