Photopaul15: Psychedelic Experiment with iPhone Apps
Photopaul15: Seagull You Fly
Photopaul15: Another Day at the Beach
Photopaul15: View from row 18
Photopaul15: Hell Fire
Photopaul15: Men’s Fashion shoot
Photopaul15: Entering the Beach Dimension
Photopaul15: Metropolitan Museum of Art
Photopaul15: Daily City Grind
Photopaul15: Train Stop with Storm Cloud in NYC
Photopaul15: Walking Dead
Photopaul15: Man in Green Coat
Photopaul15: Manhattan after Dark
Photopaul15: Tudor City after Dark
Photopaul15: Flatiron Building
Photopaul15: Pigeon 2.0
Photopaul15: The Bridge
Photopaul15: Gotham City
Photopaul15: Blue Bike
Photopaul15: Bobby Flay’s Burger
Photopaul15: Bobby Flay’s
Photopaul15: New Jersey Skyline
Photopaul15: 1st Avenue bike and Taxi
Photopaul15: Campground camping
Photopaul15: Taxi Cab of Manhattan
Photopaul15: Yellow Cab Parade
Photopaul15: Downtown NYC
Photopaul15: Rulers and Tape Measures