pascalcolin1: The helmeted man
pascalcolin1: Going down to the road
pascalcolin1: In the midst of stones
pascalcolin1: In the eye
pascalcolin1: Behind lighthouses
pascalcolin1: Between the wire nettings
pascalcolin1: In front of the white partition
pascalcolin1: In symmetry
pascalcolin1: In the empty room
pascalcolin1: Looking at the Seine
pascalcolin1: Above the city
pascalcolin1: Under the old arches
pascalcolin1: At the end of the quay
pascalcolin1: Between the benches
pascalcolin1: Maybe in the bag
pascalcolin1: Walking between the walls
pascalcolin1: Between towers
pascalcolin1: In the tile
pascalcolin1: Along the lit windows
pascalcolin1: On the sidewalk bench
pascalcolin1: Along the lit bridge
pascalcolin1: In front of the lit entrance
pascalcolin1: The cut tree
pascalcolin1: Clean sweep
pascalcolin1: Between clouds
pascalcolin1: The happy dog
pascalcolin1: Eating
pascalcolin1: Near the sky
pascalcolin1: On both sides