papatooth: padre island
papatooth: french quarter
papatooth: 20141223_095559
papatooth: 20141223_094830
papatooth: gulf breeze fla
papatooth: what a surprise last nights sunset offered
papatooth: Rays farm Further party
papatooth: Further bus. Party at Rays Farm
papatooth: A Pilots Dream
papatooth: kodec kodak
papatooth: PBSin
papatooth: lightning out my window
papatooth: pingvellir waterfall
papatooth: Öxarárfoss,Þingvellir
papatooth: hot pool, Geysir
papatooth: F35-north
papatooth: Kerlingar
papatooth: Kerlingar
papatooth: street artin
papatooth: the crater
papatooth: Mt. Namafjall, Iceland
papatooth: north of dettifoss
papatooth: double
papatooth: iceburgs!!!!
papatooth: lots o chairns
papatooth: Skaftafell
papatooth: not even sure
papatooth: Golden Beach
papatooth: good night to you