papatooth: Sun bands and rain
papatooth: Oh Henry Mountains
papatooth: Goosenecks and Monuments to Valleys
papatooth: Tri colors in the high desert
papatooth: Hopi nation and their lands
papatooth: Gray and gold
papatooth: Our open roads can be bumpy
papatooth: pink and red and yellow
papatooth: Some days that are just so special.
papatooth: Buses in the desert.
papatooth: Flying high
papatooth: Sometimes a blood red sky is all you need.
papatooth: A northern Nevada national forest.
papatooth: Saddle Mtn somewhere out there.
papatooth: Twice light
papatooth: Farmland in northwestern Massachusetts
papatooth: Cathedral Rock, somewhere beautiful.
papatooth: Middle of the New Hampshire countryside.
papatooth: Off into my unknown on the Dalton Highway.
papatooth: Fall colors, in the New England north
papatooth: Sundown/Luna rise in the American Southwest.
papatooth: Colorado dreams
papatooth: Lone road to somewhere
papatooth: The vastness is grand
papatooth: Good day, Good night
papatooth: Just before the end of another day.
papatooth: Last nights delight from the Arizona desert
papatooth: Mile high in the NY sky.
papatooth: Fall in Colorado
papatooth: Fall in Colorado