Outbj: Lake Ridge evenings
Outbj: Virgin beauty
Outbj: Moon over Mundijong
Outbj: Apostle light
Outbj: Surfers Paradise
Outbj: Beach beauties
Outbj: 10 Mins later
Outbj: A little color in the backyard
Outbj: St kilda Pier
Outbj: Warnbro Sound Eves
Outbj: Formerly....Old Post office pavillion
Outbj: Open roads
Outbj: Twilight Beach
Outbj: May the force be with us
Outbj: Weather conditions ...changing
Outbj: Esperance West Oz....walk this way
Outbj: Traffic heavier than usual
Outbj: Rugged coastline ...Victoria, Australia
Outbj: Chipmunk at a press conference
Outbj: Safety Bay sunset
Outbj: I eat chicken
Outbj: Birds eye view
Outbj: Potomac River haze
Outbj: I see you
Outbj: Walk this way
Outbj: San Diego..Blacks Beach
Outbj: Calm
Outbj: Spring is in the air
Outbj: Discovering your roots
Outbj: Seating...limited