eDDie_TK: mikey's place
devtmefl: Downstream view from Fisher RR Covered Bridge in Wolcott, Vermont. Spanning Lamoille River.
Renoil L.: The little Serena
strongcoffee16: interloper
strongcoffee16: juv. little blue heron
strongcoffee16: roseate spoonbills
Manoo Mistry: Perry Hall Park
Manoo Mistry: Red and Yellow
Manoo Mistry: Perry Hall Park
Manoo Mistry: Reflection...
Manoo Mistry: Autumn at Perry Hall Park
Bonnie Moreland (free images): Nelson Mtn. covered bridge, Oregon
Bonnie Moreland (free images): Ritner Creek Covered Bridge, Oregon
Bonnie Moreland (free images): Red barn in a turnip seed field, Willamette Valley, Oregon
Bonnie Moreland (free images): Sunrise on lavender, Lavender Valley Farms, Oregon
Bonnie Moreland (free images): Inflating hot air balloons at sunrise, central Oregon.
BeeAnn53: Stillwater River
BeeAnn53: Daniel Arnold 1880s farm
BeeAnn53: Descent
BeeAnn53: Painter Creek
BeeAnn53: Looking for a lady
BeeAnn53: Pretty lady
BeeAnn53: Youngster
BeeAnn53: Mule Deer Spike
BeeAnn53: Love is in the air
BeeAnn53: Colorado cloud formation
BeeAnn53: Tree on a hill
rickwil64: Tree Across The Trail
karma (Karen): Baltimore MD ~ the new and the old