pcrozier22: Canadian Snowbirds Precision Flying
pcrozier22: Canadian Snowbirds Precision Flyer
pcrozier22: Aerobatic Display
pcrozier22: Royal Canadian Air Force
pcrozier22: Water Bomber
pcrozier22: Canadian Snowbirds
pcrozier22: BiPlane Trainer & ?
pcrozier22: WW11 Spitefire
pcrozier22: RCAF CF-18 Hornet & WW11 Spitefire
pcrozier22: RCAF CF-18 Hornet
pcrozier22: Locheed Martin F35
pcrozier22: Locheed Martin F 35 Almost Breaking Sound Barrier
pcrozier22: Locheed Martin F 35
pcrozier22: Lake Louise Portrait View, Alberta Canada
pcrozier22: Loonie Lesson
pcrozier22: Architectural Reflections, Calgary Alberta
pcrozier22: Twinned Alberta Wheat Pool Elevator
pcrozier22: Pyramid Lake, Jasper Alberta
pcrozier22: Johnson Canyon, Banff Alberta
pcrozier22: Natures Lemon Meringue Pie
pcrozier22: Summer Days “Just gone fishing”
pcrozier22: Canada Day in Castleford just north east of Renfrew
pcrozier22: "A Storm is Brewing" Vancouver B.C.
pcrozier22: "Localized Showers" Sunshine Coast B.C.
pcrozier22: Elk Falls Canyon Campbell River B.C.
pcrozier22: John Hart penstock pipelines Campbell River B.C.
pcrozier22: "Water Highway" Little Huson Cave Vancover Island
pcrozier22: Walls & Ceilings of Little Huson Cave Vancouver Island
pcrozier22: Little Huson Cave Regional Park Vancover Island
pcrozier22: Alert Bay on Cormorant Island off of North Vancouver Island