pcrozier22: This is my best (back) side
pcrozier22: Here's looking at you
pcrozier22: White Tail Deer "Taking Notice"
pcrozier22: Class in Session
pcrozier22: Mud Hen Silhouette
pcrozier22: Mud Hen Reflection
pcrozier22: Natures Art
pcrozier22: Raindrops on Spider Web
pcrozier22: Oskar the grouch of the plant world
pcrozier22: Summer Bloom
pcrozier22: Time for a drink
pcrozier22: Here's looking at you!!
pcrozier22: Hanging on by a thread
pcrozier22: Dragoon Fly's recharging post
pcrozier22: Red Cardinal Fledgling
pcrozier22: Red Cardinal Fledgling
pcrozier22: Canadian Snowbirds Precision Flying
pcrozier22: Canadian Snowbirds Precision Flyer
pcrozier22: Aerobatic Display
pcrozier22: Royal Canadian Air Force
pcrozier22: Water Bomber
pcrozier22: Canadian Snowbirds
pcrozier22: Fairchild Cornell (Monoplane) & Fleet Finch (Biplane)
pcrozier22: WW11 Spitfire
pcrozier22: RCAF CF-18 Hornet & WW11 Spitefire
pcrozier22: RCAF CF-18 Hornet
pcrozier22: Locheed Martin F35
pcrozier22: Locheed Martin F 35 Almost Breaking Sound Barrier
pcrozier22: Locheed Martin F 35
pcrozier22: Lake Louise Portrait View, Alberta Canada