Ian@NZFlickr: Harbour Cone from Hoopers Inlet
Ian@NZFlickr: Towards the Pyramids
Ian@NZFlickr: The great pyramids of Dunedin
Ian@NZFlickr: Sand Flickr
Ian@NZFlickr: A boring walk on the beach - not
Ian@NZFlickr: Sunbather
Ian@NZFlickr: The thinker
Ian@NZFlickr: So tired!
Ian@NZFlickr: Summer, Otago Harbour
Ian@NZFlickr: High seas
Ian@NZFlickr: Walking the beach
Ian@NZFlickr: Mist and wind
Ian@NZFlickr: Splash landing
Ian@NZFlickr: Victory Bay
Ian@NZFlickr: Three Swans
Ian@NZFlickr: All in the curve
Ian@NZFlickr: The morning fisherman
Ian@NZFlickr: Breakfast!
Ian@NZFlickr: Mountain shadow
Ian@NZFlickr: Cabbage Tree
Ian@NZFlickr: Hole in the wall
Ian@NZFlickr: Windblown
Ian@NZFlickr: The barn
Ian@NZFlickr: Tree cathedral
Ian@NZFlickr: The riders
Ian@NZFlickr: Headland
Ian@NZFlickr: Harbour Cone, Otago Peninsula
Ian@NZFlickr: Peninsula morning
Ian@NZFlickr: Peninsula Seascape
Ian@NZFlickr: Macrocarpa salute