NYCandre: Manhattanville 2018 sorta
NYCandre: Early morning in the city, Upper West Side
NYCandre: Cherry blossom blooming's done
NYCandre: If you meet the Buddha ..
NYCandre: Oeuf a la Nabocoque 2017
NYCandre: NYC Street 180121
NYCandre: NYC Street 180110
NYCandre: Wallpaper- Desktop background 2018
NYCandre: Happy New Year!
NYCandre: Apres la pluie le beau temps
NYCandre: No more!
NYCandre: 2008
NYCandre: The Kiss 9520
NYCandre: New York City - 171116
NYCandre: Subway 171205
NYCandre: NJ suburbs view 171016
NYCandre: Countryside view 171016
NYCandre: Tropical Storm Harvey
NYCandre: Dancing on air
NYCandre: Dancing on air B&W
NYCandre: Love over hate
NYCandre: Love over hate - seen in New York City 8/31/2017
NYCandre: Hate has no home here - seen in New York City 8/31/2017
NYCandre: Clouds and sky - Pennsylvania 8/17/2017
NYCandre: Shadows 1345
NYCandre: New York City 1703
NYCandre: Propecia is science too, President Trump!
NYCandre: Trump failed the Turing test
NYCandre: More appreciation for the universe around us less destruction of nature
NYCandre: Who would you want on YOUR desert island? A billionnaire - A professor