i8seattle: Mt Shuksan, North Cascades National Park
i8seattle: Liberty Bell from North Cascades Highway
i8seattle: Fall Hiking: Mount Baker National Forest, Washington
i8seattle: Mount Baker, Washington
i8seattle: Cathedral Peak, Pasayten Wilderness
i8seattle: Under the Bridge Over Baker River
i8seattle: Autumn Afternoon along the Baker River
i8seattle: North End of Baker Lake
i8seattle: Windy Peak from the Boundary Trail, Pasayten Wilderness
i8seattle: Mossy Trunk, Green Leaves
i8seattle: Lake Ann from Maple Pass, North Cascades
i8seattle: Heather Pass Fall
i8seattle: Skagit County Road
i8seattle: Maple Pass at Sunset
i8seattle: Amphitheater Mountain Bands of Color
i8seattle: Skagit Valley Sunset Sunset Oct. 16th
i8seattle: Skagit Valley Sunset Sunset Oct. 16th
i8seattle: Mount Shuksan, from Picture Lake
i8seattle: Baker Lake
i8seattle: Baker River
i8seattle: Lake Ann, North Cascades
i8seattle: Maple Pass Loop Trail, North Cascades
i8seattle: Sedro-Woolley Barn at Sunset
i8seattle: Mount Baker from Baker Dam
i8seattle: Fall Colors at Cutthroat Pass During Sunset, Pacific Crest Trail
i8seattle: Trail to Heather Pass
i8seattle: Above Heather Pass, Looking North
i8seattle: Amphitheater Mountain Fall Sunset on the Pacific Northwest Trail, Pasayten Wilderness
i8seattle: Camoflauged hiker on the Baker River Trail, North Cascades, Washington
i8seattle: Fall Trees along the Baker River, Mount Baker National Forest, Washington