the.nerwin: Not using this barn anymore
the.nerwin: The cows never came back
the.nerwin: The Eyes of a Corvair
the.nerwin: Fuzzy Dice
the.nerwin: Comet
the.nerwin: Its Nature's Dump Truck Now
the.nerwin: Classic
the.nerwin: This old barn
the.nerwin: The Forest
the.nerwin: Road to Nowhere
the.nerwin: Holga Luke
the.nerwin: Graffiti Hut
the.nerwin: I like it here
the.nerwin: Goats Xing
the.nerwin: Electrical Storm
the.nerwin: Morning Grazing
the.nerwin: Cats Reflect Too
the.nerwin: It has begun
the.nerwin: Baling Hay
the.nerwin: Gas Station at night on film
the.nerwin: Just me & myself
the.nerwin: Sunset on the farm
the.nerwin: This old house
the.nerwin: Another Clear Night
the.nerwin: First Milky Way Photo of 2023
the.nerwin: Luke and that summer glow
the.nerwin: Lights on, but no one is home
the.nerwin: Wild Sunset After the Storm
the.nerwin: This used to be a road
the.nerwin: Downtown Flooding