neilalderney123: a-Alderney
neilalderney123: b-Brisbane
neilalderney123: c-Cyprus
neilalderney123: d-Durdle_door
neilalderney123: e-Ephesus
neilalderney123: f-Finland
neilalderney123: the Acropolis from Philopappos Hill, Athens
neilalderney123: h-Hungary
neilalderney123: Courtyard of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul
neilalderney123: j-Jerusalem
neilalderney123: The Palace of Knossos, Crete
neilalderney123: a street in Marrakech
neilalderney123: Mt. Vesuvius from the waterfront of Naples
neilalderney123: o-Ontario
neilalderney123: Moulin Rouge, Paris
neilalderney123: q-Queensland
neilalderney123: Ponte Sisto, Rome
neilalderney123: The Helix Bridge and the Sands, Singapore
neilalderney123: Kata Beach Sunset, Phuket
neilalderney123: Pier 7 , San Francisco
neilalderney123: The fountain in the lake, Vaxjo, Sweden
neilalderney123: Winchester Cathedral in Sunset light
neilalderney123: x-Malta
neilalderney123: Last light in the Shambles, York
neilalderney123: reflections on a fountain in Winterthur, Switzerland