neilalderney123: Boscastle in Cornwall
neilalderney123: The entrance to Boscastle Harbour, Cornwall, as a storm passes
neilalderney123: The Witchcraft Museum, Boscastle, Cornwall
neilalderney123: Boscastle, Cornwall under stormy skies
neilalderney123: Boscastle Harbour, Cornwall
neilalderney123: The Coast Guard watch tower over the entrance to Boscastle Harbour in Cornwall
neilalderney123: The Island of Tintagel Castle
neilalderney123: The ruins of Tintagel Castle, with a Hotel in the background
neilalderney123: The steps to the Chapel at Tintagel
neilalderney123: Tintagel Castle ruins
neilalderney123: The ruins of Tintagel Castle and the Hotel on the opposite cliff
neilalderney123: The Old post Office in Tintagel
neilalderney123: Looking from the top of Tintagel Island, Cornwell
neilalderney123: Merlin's Cave - Tintagel, Cornwall
neilalderney123: Tiintagel Castle, Chapel & Village
neilalderney123: Tintagel Beach from the top of Tintagel Island
neilalderney123: The Cornish coast seen from the islnd of Tintagel