neilalderney123: Southbank & the London eye
neilalderney123: The Chances of Anything Coming from Mars...
neilalderney123: Trafalgar Square
neilalderney123: London Eye
neilalderney123: Fountains in Trafalgar Sqaure
neilalderney123: Lord Nelson casts a long shodow over the national Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London
neilalderney123: Nelson's column and one of the Fountains in morning light, London
neilalderney123: Trafalgar Square in the morning
neilalderney123: St.James Park - London
neilalderney123: The British Museum
neilalderney123: Boat in a Bottle - Trafalgar Square
neilalderney123: Tower Bridge - London
neilalderney123: Encapsulated People
neilalderney123: A foot bridge in the Docklands area of London.
neilalderney123: London Eye & Aquarium